My fascination with spiritual evolution and how it relates to human experience bloomed during my childhood as the daughter of a Methodist minister. After years of studying metaphysics, I discovered energy work and began exploring my electromagnetic nature and the energetic principles that make the universe function.

Changing lanes, same highway

It wasn’t easy for me to integrate my religious beliefs with these radically new concepts. This personal conflict is what inspired me to support others who are making this difficult transition. So I combined my knowledge and experience into a unique curriculum of diverse topics. And I weave energy exercises into everything I can so others can enjoy experiencing themselves as energetic, spiritual beings.

With passion and purpose

For me, there is nothing more important to apply to life than energy, evolution and consciousness – these are the topics of my passionate interest. My greatest joy is helping others to discover their own potential just as I did through the composite perspective of science and spirituality.

As a teacher and practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®, I have learned to identify the energetic explanation to everything in the human experience. When began to apply that perspective to the bigger picture of how it relates to our spiritual evolution, it gave me an awareness of the depth to the meaning of life. When I came to realize who I Am and why I Am here, my life changed in ways that are hard to express.

Even as a teacher, I am still a student. I love it when I get to say, “I don’t know”. It is then that I get to peel the onion one more layer and open to another level of truth. My life continues to be a fascinating journey of discovery – one that I hope never ends!

Thinking someone else’s thoughts

With no formal training, I suddenly began channelling in the summer of 2007. I was shocked when I started to speak words and have thoughts about things I knew nothing about. Since then I have regularly brought in information from St. Germain, Miriam, Yeshua and others.

What worked for me

I believe that my ability to channel came from practicing my energy techniques to strengthen my energy field. And the personal healing work I have done to clear old patterns and beliefs opened me to higher frequency information. This, plus gratitude and surrendering to “Thy will be done”, resulted in quantum leaps that prepared me to be in service in this way.

Rhonda Lynn Teacher Practitioner Channel


  • EMF Balancing Technique® 8-Phase Supervisory Teacher and Accredited Master in Practice Practitioner
  • Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner
  • L3 Reconnective Healing® Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Steward of Holon Technology
  • Founder of Intentional Dynamics, LLC